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Data Designer / Data Visualiser

We're looking for an information designer with a love for data. Does that sound like you? Then keep on reading!
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About the job

We're looking for a data designer or a data visualiser. Are you interested in the crossover between data analytics and design? Are you experienced in organising and visualising information and insights from data in such a way that users get the most out of it? Does the work of famous designers like Giorgia Lupi or Maarten Lambrechts inspire you? Then now is a good time to apply for this position.

What you’ll do

At Craftzing Data, you will be that creative person who helps us translate analysis and insights to users. Your main job will be to design visual systems or visualisations to communicate about data with clients in our ongoing data projects. You will be working together with our data team from the very start of the projects, allowing you to develop unique visualisations and designs that help our clients understand data better.

When it comes to bringing your designs to life, our team will help you with the technical part (that’s the coding bit) but we will encourage you to learn and grow in this area too. We would love you to become a to help you become an independent data designer or data visualiser. 

On top of that, you will be working directly with our managing partner (dr. Maarten Vanhoof) to develop and design workshops on data strategy, data analytics and data visualisation. Overall, we will strive to offer you a diversity of projects on which you can train both your design and data skills.

We’re looking for

  • A portfolio: some collection of proof that you have experience with data design or data visualisation. If you don’t have a portfolio, make sure to write an excellent motivation letter as to why you would be the right fit for this position.

  • Someone with excellent communication skills, both written and spoken. Make sure this becomes apparent in your application. Being a good storyteller is the cherry on top.

  • Good knowledge of the basics of information design or data visualisation.

  • Good knowledge of basic statistics.

  • Experience with data science is a huge advantage.

  • Experience with data visualisation coding libraries is a huge plus (d3.js, matplotlib, ggplot, processing, p5.js).

  • Experience with coding for data science is a plus (Python, R, …).

  • Experience with graphic design tools is a plus (Illustrator, Indesign, GIMP,…).

  • Experience with web development is a plus (html, css, js, javascript frameworks such as React or Vue).

  • Experience with out-of-the-box data science and data visualisation software is a plus (SPSS, Tableau, PowerBI).

  • You speak Dutch and English fluently.

Why you'll love us

  • You will get the chance to develop yourself as a data visualiser/data  designer (by mentoring you in projects, by paying for your education and by putting your development first whenever we can).

  • You will work with a supporting team of data enthusiasts.

  • You will work on a diverse set of projects (ranging from client work to educational material).

  • You will work in close collaboration with our managing partner dr. Maarten Vanhoof. Maarten is a data expert who has been leading data analysis and visualisation projects at universities and companies across the world (London, Boston, Paris, etc.).

Why this isn't something for you

You prefer to do Business Intelligence or making infographics. If you do not know the difference between infographics and data design/data visualisation, you are probably not a good fit for this position. 

About Craftzing Data

 We are Craftzing Data, a daughter company of Craftzing with a focus on data. Our main focus is to help clients define their data strategy. We do so by talking to them, exploring their data in creative ways and, sometimes, by building prototypes for their data projects. This means that we are always looking for ways to explain elements of data to our clients. Be it by teaching them, explaining methodologies, showing them insights from their data, or by coming up with potential ways in which they could use their data, internally or towards the general public.

Our Craftzing Data team is backed up by the whole Craftzing team who bring in lots of experience in UX and UI design, development, business strategy, performance marketing, etc. Therefore, there is tons of opportunities to learn from different experts.

What we can do for you

At Craftzing, we believe that an attractive salary package should be more than just a paycheck at the end of the month. That is why we offer:

icon of a house
Hybrid and flexible working culture
Laptop, mobile phone with subscription
Hospitalisation insurance with full family coverage & group insurance
Foundation of trust and collaboration
Car & fuel or hybrid mobility solution
Teambuildings and yearly holiday retreat

Does this sound like a match?

Apply today and join us!

Why choose Craftzing?

Surround yourself with a group of driven digital experts who are committed to focus on what matters and believe you get better results through working together.

“I love how we -as a team- share a drive to create clarity and continuously uncover assumptions. It’s key to impactful results.”

Business Designer

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