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Make everyone aware of your

digital story

Digital inclusion is something we should all focus on. By paying attention to digital inclusion and accessibility within your organization, you ensure that everyone can and wants to use your products or services.

46% of the Belgian population is not fully digitally savvy. At least 25% of the European population lives with some form of disability and has difficulty using digital applications.

Gijs Veyfeyken

Head of Inclusion

Offering the right support

Know the needs of your target audience

The digital world is getting faster and more complex every day. This is in stark contrast to a large group of people who don’t have the skills and resources to easily participate in the digital society. The digital divide is real.

Making a difference

Choose inclusive design

For those with visual or hearing impairments, concentration problems, or other disabilities, user-friendly and accessible products make a huge difference. Inclusive design makes things easier for everyone.

Thinking future-proof

Be prepared for legislation

Digital accessibility is legally established. Today, government websites and apps already need to comply with accessibility requirements. Starting from 2025, these requirements will also apply to e-commerce and other specific online services. Don't wait, work on your web accessibility right now.

Our focus

How we’ll help you

Our experts help you get a better idea of what digital inclusion entails and what the impact could be on your target audience and your organization. Through advice, training, and guidance, your organization can effectively work toward improving the quality of your services and building a digitally inclusive organization.

Integrating inclusion proactively


It’s best to consider the accessibility of your services as early as possible in the development process. This way, you’ll anticipate potential user issues, discover new opportunities, and save yourself a lot of time and effort later on.

We can support you throughout the entire process and ensure the proper implementation of accessibility standards. From concept to launch.

Gijs Veyfeyken

Head of Inclusion

  • Advice for front-end development
  • Management consultancy
  • Accessibility officer as a service
  • Advice for UX & UI design

Measuring, evaluating, adjusting

Audits and testing

Through WCAG audits (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines), we can evaluate to what extent your website, app, or digital platform is easily accessible for everyone. You’ll receive a clear report with our findings and recommendations to improve your current communication channels.

Accessibility is a gradual process of continuous measuring, adjusting and making improvements.

Wout Thielemans

Accessibility Specialist

  • Accessibility statement
  • WCAG audit report
  • In compliance with European legislation
  • Certified experts

Building and expanding knowledge


Now, how do you make your products or services more accessible? Our sensitizing sessions can help you navigate through the complexity of digital inclusion and build a broad support for the topic in your organization.

We offer training for designers and developers to increase your internal competencies and skills, so that your organization can independently work toward digital inclusion.

Warre Buysse


  • Management training
  • Training for UX and UI design
  • Training for front-end development
  • Workshops

Ready to start building an inclusive business?

Our accessibility test report is a comprehensive assessment of your product's compliance with accessibility standards and the first step toward a more inclusive digital offering.