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The challenge

For more than 10 years, Craftzing has been plotting the course of Telenet TV & Entertainment. We stood at the cradle of platforms like Yelo Play and Yugo with in-house design and development teams.    

Over the years, on demand streaming has become a fixed value alongside classic tv. Many video entertainment providers in Belgium now have their own video streaming platform. Still, the development of such a platform remains a challenge that requires many financial resources, time and knowledge.

Our solution

Consolidating video platforms into one flexible and scalable solution

Starting from that question, we guided Telenet towards a new solution: "MultiBrand". By consolidating video platforms into one flexible and scalable solution, we could implement a huge cost saving, accelerate the "time-to-market" and strengthen the local market through standardization. A complex challenge we were eager to take on.

Multibrand unburdens by taking away the entire operational and technical hassle and R&D investment involved in building a video platform. The added value for the client? More time and resources to focus on their core business: creating amazing video content. 

By sharing knowledge and claiming a stronger local position together, Multibrand emerges as a counterweight to international streaming giants.

The result

Multibrand is built in such a way that it's 100% customizable for the client, but that the time-to-market remains very short. So the client doesn't need to sacrifice quality and still has a competitive video platform.

The highlights

  1. 100% cloud-based: the overhead for infrastructure remains low for the customer and the time-to-market is short.

  2. Modular structure: the platform is composed of individual modules that are aligned with each other. Because it's 100% API-driven, customers can cherry-pick the functionalities they need.

  3. Simple CMS: customers can easily manage content themselves – without a degree in computer science.

  4. Customizable: customers choose the components they need and add their own branding.

  5. Service thinking: Multibrand is much more a service than a product. With continuous long-term improvements and solutions, Multibrand aims to play an impactful role in the success of its brands. 

  6. Multi-screen blueprint: an application blueprint for web, mobile and TV platforms in all common dialects.

Our approach

Team-as-a-service: from strategy to development

Craftzing calculated the business case for Telenet that eventually led to the start of the project. After the broader definition of the strategy, work was also done on a holistic technical architecture. Thus, the most important assumptions and decisions were defined.    

Once the strategic phase was completed, we started building a full "end-to-end" team. Telenet used the Craftzing "Team-as-a-service" model, in combination with its own talent. Craftzing was responsible for the UX and UI design and the development of the platform.   

Together with the colleagues from Merapar and Devoteam, a full-fledged solution was realized within ten months, supported by a completely new backend, on all popular TV platforms.

Services offered

  • Business design
  • Service design
  • Product design
  • Development

Our impact

Tadaam: first tenant of Multibrand

In August 2022, Tadaam rolled out its new TV experience to its entire customer base. Tadaam is a budget-friendly Internet+TV offering that allows viewers to stream through a 4G modem and Android TV multimedia player with an app.

By using MultiBrand, Tadaam was able to guarantee the stability of its platform, reduce costs and unburden the customer service team drastically. In short, an enormous success!   

Craftzing and Telenet keep working on the further rollout of MultiBrand in the local Belgian market.

Having worked with Craftzing on previous projects, I can only reconfirm they did a tremendous job as a trustful full-service partner and a true team player into a multi-vendor ecosystem, allowing us to successfully deliver in record-time.