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Accessible and engaging platforms for the Flemish audience

VRT aims to positively contribute to society by informing, entertaining, and connecting people. As the public broadcaster for radio and television, VRT strives to provide accessible content for everyone. Our strategists, experience designers, and architects have been assisting VRT in achieving this mission since 2022.

Human-centered content & platforms

The public broadcaster is there for everyone. Therefore, VRT focuses heavily on maximizing the accessibility and user-friendliness of its content, the apps and websites of VRT MAX, VRT NWS, and Sporza. Although the challenges at VRT are diverse, they all serve the same purpose: improving overall user experience and enhancing the relevance of VRT’s platforms.

Integral part of VRT's digital teams

A Craftzing team of service, UX, and UI designers contributes to creating attractive, accessible, and user-friendly digital experiences for VRT MAX, VRT NWS, and Sporza. Our teams are integral parts of the VRT teams and work closely together with various departments.

They ensure, for example:

  • The integration of timely themes (such as the Warmste Week, the Olympics, or the elections) into the platforms;

  • The user-friendly integration of new or existing content formats into the platforms (such as the integration of podcasts into VRT MAX and VRT NWS, and a new media player on VRT MAX);

  • The integration of existing VRT platforms into VRT MAX (e.g., Radioplus and Studio Brussel);

  • The continuous improvement of existing pages, structures, and elements in terms of user-friendliness and design.

Our service and UX designers validate new ideas or concepts with real users. They also evaluate and improve the functionality of existing platforms based on feedback from user tests.

Our UI designers take a guiding role in enhancing the design systems at VRT, ensuring an even better and more consistent user experience.

Services offered

  • Service design
  • UX design
  • UI design