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Craftzing and Ants Connect join forces

Ants Connect joins the Craftzing Group. After years of intensive cooperation, the two companies are now joining forces in view of the increasing strategic challenges facing clients. Ants Connect adds its expertise in digital marketing strategy and data driven performance to Craftzing's offering.

Shared vision, complementary offer

This initiative is a natural next step in the collaboration between the two companies, which has already led to many joint successes and has grown from a shared vision: both are fully committed to long-term partnerships and consistently high quality. 

Besides a shared vision, a great complementarity brings the two companies together. Ants Connect adds proven expertise in digital marketing strategy and data-driven performance to Craftzing's broader digital strategic approach. Craftzing, in turn, with its extensive experience in digital strategy and sustainable digital solutions, adds great value to Ants Connect's growth.

"Strategy questions are right up our alley - that’s where we feel at home. The reinforcement in the field of data-driven performance, analytics and marketing, with the experienced team of Ants Connect, completes our offer. Ambitious digital projects increasingly touch all sides of the digital landscape. That’s why we strongly believe in an integrated offering."

Roeland Tegenbos, CEO of Craftzing

Digital is becoming more and more strategic

The digital landscape is becoming more complex for companies to navigate. Craftzing's DNA consists of clarifying those challenges and translating them into practice. Performance and digital marketing are also increasingly becoming strategic questions.

"Craftzing looks at the digital landscape through the same lens as we do and does so with the same focus on delivering consistent high quality. Thanks to the complementary services we offer, the added value for our clients is unmistakable. Together we can help our clients even better in choosing the best digital path to achieve a sustainable result."

Jacob Verroken, CEO of Ants Connect

With the arrival of the European Digital Services Act, which aims to create a more secure digital space for companies and users, it is clear that the digital playing field will change significantly in the coming years. Among other things, third-party solutions and tracking will no longer be possible. The use of cookies will also be less easy than it is now. As a result, performance and analytics will have to be part of the digital concept from the outset. 

Thanks to their combined strengths, Craftzing and Ants Connect are convinced that they will meet this challenge head-on.

More about Ants Connect

There are no strong agencies, only strong people. Ants Connect is a rapidly growing digital marketing agency, founded in 2017 as a counter-reaction to the approach of traditional agencies. No buzzword bingo, but consistent quality, senior marketing expertise and a pragmatic results-focused approach.

Ants Connect works for clients such as Liantis, Degroof Petercam, Cevora, Federatie van Belgische Notarissen, Beliving, Floorify and Kom op tegen Kanker, among others.

Website Ants Connect

By Michele Stynen

Digital Marketeer