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Craftzing people: Head of compliance Yves Braeckman

Hello, nice to meet you! I am a thoroughbred compliance aficionado, a CISO enthusiast, an accessibility fanatic, a GDPR lover. And as we all know, GDPR lovers are better lovers - chuckle. Add ‘preacher of digital opportunities’ to the list and you know what makes me tick. That’s precisely why I worked at Kom op tegen Kanker as Head of Digital and DPO for several years. Discover why me and my team are eager to assist you in your quest for compliance!

Let’s start with a dash of Dylan. His 1965 hit The Times They Are A-Changing is more relevant than ever. In our current digital landscape change will keep on coming at a high pace. Brace yourself for new legislation that will profoundly change your digital offering in the coming months, quarters and years. The Digital Market Act, Digital Services Act, Data Act, Data Governance, Interoperable Europe Act, AI Act or Accessibility Act will force everybody to focus on cybersecurity and compliance.

Your first reaction might be a reluctant one. Why on earth do we have to go through the hassle and red tape! Now that we finally got our digital act together?

Well, let’s agree to disagree. Offering digital services automatically embodies compliance. It’s no longer an option to separate digital and compliance. The sheer power of the digital evolutions surrounding us underlines the importance - correction: necessity - of a clear set of rules. Yes, our data needs to be kept safe and can only be used according to a strict set of rules. Yes, your sites and apps need to be accessible to all, or as many as possible.

Look at compliance as a path to increase the quality of your online offering. That adds business value and brings tangible commercial benefits. There’s also a cost aspect: you don’t want to waste money on fines, do you?

Is that a burden? Or is it an opportunity to show your relations some real TLC? Because that’s at stake here: not showing the much needed respect to customers, visitors, citizens and all creatures great & small. And the upside is that you’ll reach a larger audience! So compliance is basically an opportunity in disguise. You just need to see it. That’s where Craftzing steps in. We’ll be happy to walk you through the different aspects of top notch compliance.

Our goal is clear: help you to embrace compliance as a business enabler. Or even a differentiator that makes your company the preferred choice over non or less compliant competitors.

Clients, visitors or relations: they will all become more and more discerning when their data are at play. They will become ever more demanding about web accessibility and data privacy. And they are right! 

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Craftzing is a seasoned strategic partner that grasps the full extent of these compliance challenges. Foresighting - or critical thinking about future developments - is our approach to start creating a solid vision. A vision that we’ll also gladly execute. So let’s meet and see how we can assist you in your quest for compliance. By the way, we also make a perfect cup of coffee, that’s two birds with one stone! Contact me via [email protected].

By Yves Braeckman

As Head of Compliance I work on finding a balace between performing online interactions and respect for privacy in the broadest sense. The goal is to gain stakeholders’ confidence while creating durable digital solutions. Already today - but even more so in the years to come - compliance forms a cornerstone for any online activity.