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Honor your stakeholders with privacy, security and inclusion

Whether dealing with GDPR, secure data management, or accessibility, prioritizing compliance reflects respect for all your stakeholders.

Compliance is evolving into a growing competitive advantage and a standard expectation from all stakeholders. The ongoing changes in legislation further reinforce this trend.

Yves Braeckman

Head of Compliance

Respect the data of your stakeholders

GDPR as a competitive advantage

Since the introduction of GDPR legislation, organizations have taken significant steps to improve the data privacy of their users. However, the approach to GDPR compliance is rarely flawless. Nevertheless, adhering to GDPR fosters trust among data subjects and provides a solid foundation for transparent and ethical use of personal data.

Prepare for legislation

Europe is taking action

The Digital Services Act, the Data & Data Governance Act, and the Accessibility Act signify a swift evolution of regulations in Europe. By 2025, these changes will markedly impact the services offered by companies. Start today to proactively enhance the competitiveness, security, and inclusivity of your organization.

Engage everyone in your digital story

Prioritize digital inclusion

The digital evolution should be inclusive for everyone. Ensuring systems are maximally accessible for people with disabilities is not an add-on; it's an integral aspect of the digital landscape.

Our focus

How we’ll help you

Our compliance experts make your organization and services reliable, secure, and accessible.

Establish data protection


Our DPO consultants assist you in accurately interpreting and implementing GDPR legislation. They alleviate you from the intricacies of GDPR compliance, enabling you to concentrate on your core activities.

We evaluate the data's role in processes and systems, offering expert assistance on challenging matters like modifying opt-ins, data deletion or anonymization, and master data management.

Yves Braeckman

Head of Compliance

  • GDPR
  • Data protection
  • Audit
  • (Compliance) Training

Create a secure data environment


Assessing the security of your data in the digital ecosystem is crucial, especially with the escalating threat of cybercrime. Our CISO consultants not only scrutinize your existing systems but also how they’re used.

Human actions can often pose a significant risk to the security of your data. That's why we don't just enhance your systems; we also assist your employees in adapting. This is how we achieve enduring and sustainable change.

Yves Braeckman

Head of Compliance

  • Information security
  • Adoption & change
  • Cyber attack
  • Data breach

Make apps and websites accessible


Our accessibility specialists guide you in grasping the significance of digital inclusion and accessibility. They identify necessary enhancements in your current offerings and provide a concrete action plan.

Ensuring your website or app is accessible allows a broader audience to use it seamlessly. Starting in 2025, digital accessibility becomes obligatory for various products and services, such as banking services and e-commerce.

Wout Thielemans

Accessibility Specialist

  • Accessibility Act
  • WCAG audit report
  • Accessibility statement

Got a project in mind?

With our team-as-a-service approach, we’d love to help. A complementary team is ready to meet your privacy, security and accessibility challenges, laying the groundwork for your compliance quality label.