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How we work

Maximum impact with the right teams

No size fits all. In order to achieve a high-quality end result, we determine the best way of working together with you. In doing so, we always ensure to put the right people in the right place, tailoring our collaboration model to your questions and the needs of your organization.

Collaboration model


Creating sustainable value as partners, side by side.

Blended product teams

We prefer to work together in blended product teams, complementing your internal skills with Craftzing expertise. This allows you to work with a well-rounded product team of both your own internal experts and Craftzing profiles. As colleagues, they work closely together, share their knowledge, and strengthen each other in achieving the set goals.

Thanks to close collaboration and an agile approach, we ensure flexibility for our partners. This allows us to easily make adjustments as well as scale, as the product or organization continues to develop.

Bert Beernaert

Head of Product

Craftzing product team

Missing the right set of skills within your own team? Or are you looking for end-to-end support from Craftzing? We’ve got a product team available for you that takes full responsibility for a successful delivery.

What does this mean for you?

Quick testing, evaluation and adjustment

Digital transformation projects and platform developments require a pragmatic approach. That's why we choose to work in an agile way with our team-as-a-service model. This allows us to quickly test and evaluate the first version of your platform and adjust priorities if necessary. This way, we can respond to possible changes or new insights in the most flexible way and continually improve your solution.

High efficiency

Our skills and talents are perfectly aligned, thanks to teams who’ve been working together for a long time and regularly put their heads together. This allows us to switch quickly and work efficiently.

High-quality end product guaranteed

Rest assured: our product owner determines priorities together with you, manages your project effectively, and ensures a high-quality result. You can choose whether to take on the management and final delivery yourself or leave it all to us.

Transparent and short communication lines

The Craftzing experts will be present in your organization at regular times. This helps build close relationships of trust and enables our teams to quickly deal with unexpected matters. Because there is a dedicated team working on your project, you’re able to work side by side as partners.

Always a point of contact for complex digital questions

Our business consultants tend to work with our clients for years, which means they understand their needs and strategic objectives inside and out. This makes them your most important advisor for all your digital questions: from digital strategy and information architecture to complex technical issues.

More ways of collaboration

Collaboration model

Consultancy: Craftzing expertise in your team

Don't need an entire team to take on your challenge, but simply the know-how and experience of just one or two consultants? Our business consultants can complement your internal skill set with expertise in digital strategy, design or development. They’ll help you solve digital dilemmas and reach strategic goals. To work as closely as possible with your organization, they’ll often be present in your offices.  

Collaboration model

Project-based: get complete peace of mind for your project

Want to achieve clear and tangible results for your project? Then we can work with you in a project-based setup, defining the objective in a predetermined project plan. A project manager will steer your project in the right direction and assemble a team with the appropriate skills. Together, they’ll carry full responsibility for a successful delivery.

Got a project in mind?

With our team-as-a-service approach, we’d love to help. A complementary team is stand-by to transform your business challenges into an impactful digital solution.