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We help organizations to unlock their full digital potential

50+long-term partners
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Vlaamse overheid

Getting the government to think and be more digital is not something you do overnight. Several Craftzing experts have been guiding the government of Flanders for more than 10 years now. Among others, we work for Digitaal Vlaanderen, the agency within the government of Flanders that steers its digital transformation.

1 millionpeople reached with our solutions
12 yearsof collaboration with the Government of Flanders
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We help Digitaal Vlaanderen to achieve results. A result that citizens are waiting for, that is user-friendly, inclusive and secure, and that offers added value for the government itself.

Roeland Tegenbos

CEO & Business Designer


As a market leader of entertainment and telecommunication services in Belgium, Telenet Group always delivers valuable digital experiences to its customers. Since 2011, Craftzing supports this value creation through its expertise in digital strategy, design and development.

12 yearsof collaboration with Telenet
2.1 millionhouseholds reached with our solutions
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Thanks to in-house business teams and a personal relationship, we create an atmosphere of trust in our collaboration with Telenet.

Ives De Blieck

Head of Design


itsme® is the market leader in Belgium in the field of digital identification. However, the company's growth ambitions extend beyond our national borders. To achieve those ambitions, itsme® asked Craftzing to assess the impact of its internationalization strategy on various digital touchpoints. Craftzing then conducted an impact analysis for consumers, partners, and internal employees of itsme®. Since then, we’ve been supporting itsme® in translating the company's growth plans into tangible (digital) reality.

3 yearsof collaboration with itsme®
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We guided itsme® to successfully bring their digital touchpoints into line with the European growth plans – from digital strategy to launch.

Thomas Van Orshaegen

Head of Growth


VRT aims to positively contribute to society by informing, entertaining, and connecting people. As the public broadcaster for radio and television, VRT strives to provide accessible content for everyone. Our strategists, experience designers, and architects have been assisting VRT in achieving this mission since 2022.

3 yearsof collaboration with VRT
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A Craftzing team of service, UX, and UI designers contributes to creating attractive, accessible, and user-friendly digital experiences for VRT MAX, VRT NWS, and Sporza.

Warre Buysse


Royal Botania

Royal Botania designs iconic, luxury outdoor furniture and holds a leading position in the world within its segment. By only using materials of the highest quality, combined with top craftsmanship, Royal Botania produces striking and top-quality furniture collections. In doing so, the outdoor furniture designer prioritizes the needs of its individual customers, an impeccable service and a unique experience.

3 yearsof collaboration with Royal Botania
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By combining the best of the digital and physical world, we created a premium and personalized hybrid sales experience for Royal Botania.

Eline De Block

Business Architect & Service Designer

Kom op tegen kanker

Since 2012, Craftzing has been guiding Kom op tegen Kanker in its digital transformation. The organization advocates for a better cancer plan and helps prevent, fight and mitigate the disease. As a trusted partner, we create digital strategies for Kom op tegen Kanker, work on digital solutions and ecosystems, and create seamless and accessible user experiences.

11 years of collaboration with Kom op tegen Kanker
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Thanks to our longstanding cooperation with Kom op tegen Kanker, we gained a deeper understanding into the needs of the organization, their activities and the people.

Margot Van Orshaegen

Service Designer & Team Lead


QTeam is a leading tire specialist for both passenger cars and professional vehicles in Belgium, boasting a network of over 90 service centers across the country. In their pursuit of accommodating rapid expansion, QTeam aims for a complete digital transformation and the optimization and scale of its services and processes. In this journey, Craftzing is QTeam’s business partner, taking the lead from strategy and concept to technical development.

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Digitizing QTeam's repair service has resulted in a safer and more efficient work process for their roadside mechanics, while also improving data accuracy and providing transparent reporting to their clients.

Wim Walraevens

Digital Architect


Gastvrij Netwerk and ORBIT vzw are two organizations that show many similarities in their way of working. Together with the King Baudouin Foundation, they support citizens and associations who are committed to helping refugees, as part of the larger network of Vluchtelingenwerk Vlaanderen. Thanks to their efforts, volunteers can find each other, share their knowledge, and work side by side toward a more inclusive society.

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Through our digital meeting platform, We Welcome, we have forged a network that effortlessly facilitates information exchange and fosters connections between volunteers and citizen initiatives.

Charlotte Dieltjens

Service Designer