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Take the lead with a strong vision and digital strategy

In disruptive times, being prepared is crucial. Let our business consultants refine your vision and guide you to maximize the digital potential of your organization. This way, you’ll face your digital future with a distinct plan, room for flexibility, and success.

Digital transformation – if done right – enables organizations to stay ahead in this fast-paced world: be more agile, scale more easily, be better prepared and protected.

Roeland Tegenbos

CEO & Business Designer

Understanding your digital potential

A sharp digital mindset

In this complex digital world, it’s important to set the right priorities as an organization. A good understanding of the digital landscape and a sharp digital mindset are essential to develop a long-term digital strategy.

Innovating with care

A clear vision

Innovating starts with a clear vision. In the complexity of technological possibilities and pitfalls, a coherent vision is essential to make smart innovative choices. Both for your industry and your organization.

Thoughtfully anticipating

Ready for disruption

Digital disruption, the aftermath of a global health crisis, political unrest, or other unexpected events can paralyze organizations when it comes to determining their future course. More than ever, a successful digital transformation is the facilitator for agility and profitability in turbulent times.

Our focus

How we’ll help you

For 12 years, our business consultants have been guiding organizations through their digital transformation. From digital strategy and an ambitious business plan to technological architecture, our experts lay the foundation for sustainable growth and a strengthened competitive position for your organization.

Building a value-driven strategy

Vision & digital strategy

Our business strategists inspire you with a razor-sharp vision and translate your ambitions into a future-oriented digital strategy.

Thanks to profound technological insights, we know how to include the right digital initiatives that create value for your organization and your target audience.

Wim Walraevens

Digital Architect

  • Strategic foresighting
  • Strategic planning
  • Defining new value spaces

Partners in crime, for life

Trusted advisor

Because digital transformation is about your entire organization, we’re here to guide you with more than just digital expertise. Our business advisors can also assist you with the legal, technological, and operational aspects of your digital project.

As a trusted advisor, we stand by our clients' side to pave the way toward a successful digital future.

Roeland Tegenbos

CEO & Business Designer

  • Long-term partnerships
  • End-to-end unburdening
  • Advice and guidance
  • Years of business expertise

Rethinking business models

Business & ecosystem design

Unpredictable user behavior and disruptive innovations force business managers to think ahead and react quickly to unexpected events.

By reimagining your business as a platform and ecosystem, we redefine the potential of your organization and discover new opportunities.

Kenneth Roelandt

Head of Strategy

  • Digital ecosystems
  • Platform strategy
  • Business modelling
  • Marketplace strategy

A solid business architecture

Platform & data architecture

Technology must be inherent to your business strategy. Our strategists and architects help you determine the systems, components, datasets, privacy, and security standards that provide answers to existing challenges and new opportunities.

A solid, scalable infrastructure is the engine behind your digital growth and protects you against sudden changes.

Dr. Maarten Vanhoof

Head of Data

  • Added value of platformization
  • Technology as an enabler
  • Modernizing current infrastructure

Building an inclusive organization

Digital inclusion

25% of the European population experiences difficulties when using digital products. Is your organization already prepared for the European Accessibility Act? Or do you still need to take action when it comes to accessibility and digital inclusion? Our certified experts will fully assist you. With their help, you will not only reach everyone within your target audience, but also take a leading role in the digital world.

Making informed decisions

Data strategy & machine learning

What is the potential of data for your organization? How can targeted use of data provide a competitive advantage, optimize processes, or improve the experience for your target audience? Why is a good data governance important? Our data experts will work with you to accomplish a good data analysis, answer these and other questions in a data strategy and make your goals tangible with a feasible data project.

Got a project in mind?

With our team-as-a-service approach, we’d love to help. A complementary team is ready to transform your business challenges into an impactful digital solution.