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Mijn Burgerprofiel

The challenge

Toward better digital services for citizens

How can the government of Flanders offer its citizens a better digital experience? With this strategic question in mind, we started working with Digitaal Vlaanderen on Mijn Burgerprofiel.

Our solution

The entire government services at hand

In 2018, we launched the first version of Mijn Burgerprofiel. Following up on government files, checking data, downloading eBox documents and certificates, staying informed, applying for permits, and so on: from now on, citizens could access all Flemish and local government services via one single digital counter. Thanks to a clear and simple user interface (UI), they navigate easily between all functionalities. To meet the needs of users and authorities even better, the mobile app was launched in July 2022.

From digital strategy to front-end development to a high-performance web tool  

Mijn Burgerprofiel is the result of a very close collaboration with the teams at Digitaal Vlaanderen. From 2015 on, we guided them through all different phases of the project: from digital strategy to information architecture, conceptual screens and designs that visualize the power and possibilities of Mijn Burgerprofiel.

In the next phase, we supported Digitaal Vlaanderen in working out the user experience (UX) and design, through wireframes and click models. These were often tested as well.

Digitaal Vlaanderen could also count on us for front-end development. We facilitated biweekly "sculpting sessions" to further refine the designs and results in a multidisciplinary team. Optimal accessibility was an absolute focal point of the project. An external expert ensured that the accessibility principles were applied correctly. They were taken into account right from the strategy and wireframes.

A seamless mobile experience with the Mijn Burgerprofiel app

Numbers showed that, over the years, Mijn Burgerprofiel was used more and more on mobile devices. In addition, local governments shared the need to communicate with their citizens through an app as well. Therefore, it was a logical step to create a Mijn Burgerprofiel app, uniting both Flemish and local services.

The local version allows local governments to add the uniqueness of their branding and offer information about their local services.

The result

More than an app, a complete ecosystem

The Mijn Burgerprofiel app is a complete ecosystem that brings together various functionalities:

  • Generic Mijn Burgerprofiel functionalities (e.g. eBox, notifications, certificates, ...)

  • Flemish services (e.g. service vouchers, wallet, contact options, ...)

  • Local services (e.g. collection calendar, local news and events, ...)

  • Local add-ons (e.g. appointment making, notification, ...)

We developed both a Flemish and a local version of the app. The local version allows local governments not only to add the uniqueness of their branding, but also to offer information about their local services. Moreover, via add-ons, they will be able to take their configuration one step further in the future by adding specific functionalities applicable only to their municipality. Within that local version, all functionalities of the Flemish version also remain. Thus, citizens only need one app that covers the entire ecosystem of Flemish and local government services. 

The Mijn Burgerprofiel app is a complete ecosystem that brings together various functionalities.

Our approach

In 7 sprints from concept to app

When developing the web version of Mijn Burgerprofiel, we built a solid design system. For the app, we could benefit from the existing system, adding all necessary extensions. Thanks to this solid foundation and strong teamwork, we managed to launch the app in just 7 sprints.

Working closely with Digitaal Vlaanderen, we worked out the concept, performed a functional analysis, designed the UX and UI design of the app and took on most of the development and testing. With an assigned PO and project manager, we were able to take a big chunk of the burden off the client: the project was in good hands. In June 2022, Digitaal Vlaanderen launched the first version of the Mijn Burgerprofiel app in the app store. Meanwhile, we continue working on the app by implementing the necessary improvements and additional features.  

As a strategic advisor and partner in design and development we’re assisting Digitaal Vlaanderen to continuously improve and evolve Mijn Burgerprofiel.

Roeland Tegenbos

CEO & Business Designer

It's the ambition of the government of Flanders that more than 100 local authorities will have their own version of the app by the end of 2023.

Our impact 

Mijn Burgerprofiel has won many awards, including two at the Digital Society Awards. Since the launch, more than 200 local authorities have linked their websites. Last year, citizens logged into Mijn Burgerprofiel 16 million times. More and more local variants of the Mijn Burgerprofiel app will follow in the coming months. At the end of November 2022, the app was downloaded 100,000 times. For 2023, it's the ambition of the government of Flanders that more than 100 local authorities will have their own version of the app and that more than 1 million Flemish citizens will be using Mijn Burgerprofiel.

Services offered

  • Business design
  • Service design
  • Product design
  • Development