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Turn data into added value

Unseen technological developments have put data high on the agenda. A smart and correct use of data and technology gives your organization a lasting advantage in the market. We’ll help you make your data widely applicable. From strategy to action.

For many companies, data is virgin territory. However, the possibilities with the data are enormous, not only operationally but also strategically.

Dr. Maarten Vanhoof

Head of Data

Creating strategic value

A clear strategy

The data landscape is evolving rapidly. To fully leverage the potential of your data, it’s necessary to translate the insights from recent developments into a clear strategy.

Supporting decision-makers

Actionable insights

A good data analysis leads to an insight which, in turn, leads to a better action or decision. Only data experts who adapt their methods to the problem definition(s) of your organization come to actionable insights.

Protecting data

Reliability above all

Users expect their data to be processed correctly. This requires excellent knowledge of the legislation and a pragmatic approach. By doing so, you can turn a necessity into the quality label that your organization and your target group deserve.

Our focus

How we’ll help you

Clear questions, applicable answers, and an actionable plan. Our data experts combine your domain knowledge with their analytical expertise. This way, we deliver strategies, insights, and methods that allow you to put your data to good use in all layers of your organization.

A partner for your management

Management consultancy for data

Together with you, our data experts set up a clear data strategy. Based on your business objectives and the availability of talent, data, tools, and processes, we then develop feasible data projects. In addition, our experts always keep an eye on technological advancements and legal changes. You’ll immediately hear about the impact of developments like AI, Linked Open Data,protection of data act or GDPR on your strategy.

Data strategy is a journey through an information landscape. Together, we align business goals, resources, and emerging technologies into actionable data projects, while vigilantly navigating the tides of innovation and regulation.

Eline Schmitz

Data Scientist

  • Research
  • Strategy sessions
  • Audits
  • Brainstorm sessions

From insightful to actionable

Data analysis and data visualization

Our data scientists, analysts, visualizers, and designers are trained to make your data insightful. We don’t simply perform data analyses, we proactively analyze how they can best support decision-makers. We don’t just work with your data sources, we ask ourselves how we can improve them to align with your strategy. Our data experts are constantly thinking along with your organization.

To make data actionable for your business challenges we don't just create dashboards, but also actively explore how data visualization can improve your decision-making process.

Stino Peeters

Data Designer

  • Data visualization
  • Big Data
  • Machine learning / AI
  • BI

Immediately applicable knowledge


Education first! In order to make good decisions, information is key. Our international data experts make complex (data) topics understandable for business leaders. What are the fundamental things you should know about AI? Why is big data important for your organization? What are the necessary steps in a successful data project? We’re happy to help you discover the possibilities.

Develop your data talent

Guidance and mentoring

For a successful implementation of your data strategy, it’s essential that your organization has the necessary data talent at hand. Our data experts can act as mentors and raise your organization’s knowledge of data technologies and analysis techniques to a higher level. This helps you build knowledge within your own ranks.

Got a project in mind?

Our data experts will guide you with data strategies, advice, education, and implementable data projects. Thanks to their expertise, they’ll take care of everything from A to Z. This way, you can completely unlock the data potential of your organization.