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Digital strategist Wim Walraevens returns to Craftzing

After exploring different paths for 2.5 years, digital strategist and concept architect Wim Walraevens has once again joined Craftzing. In his new role, he will guide several clients in the digital transformation of their business.

With over 25 years of experience, Wim Walraevens is a true veteran in the digital landscape. Previously, he held the position of managing partner at Duval Guillaume and worked for years as a freelance consultant for clients like Club Brugge, the Government of Flanders, Telenet, and Brussels Airport. In 2016, he became a partner at Craftzing. After a short period at TBWA Belgium as Director Digital Strategy & Experience, Wim is now returning to Craftzing. He will draw up strategic advice, write action plans and translate these into creative solutions for clients like Telenet, Q Team, BuzziSpace, and Ziekenhuis aan de Stroom.

Joining a digital growth story

In the span of 2.5 years, Craftzing has transformed from a purely strategic agency with 12 people to a major player with over 120 business consultants. It is this growth and broader proposition that drew Wim back to his “home” at Craftzing:

“During my time at Craftzing, the challenging and exciting projects have always energized me. While I was gone, the company has grown significantly and has added many creative and technical experts to the team alongside the strategic and conceptual experts. Now that we’re able to guide our clients through the entire digital spectrum, we can leave an even greater mark as a company. On top of that, I get the opportunity to work alongside digital wizards from various disciplines. Craftzing is committed to quality, and it truly feels like coming home.”

Strategic and conceptual guidance

In the coming years, Craftzing aims to help clients better than ever, with a clear strategy, powerful digital experiences, and innovative technological solutions. The return of Wim supports this ambition, as stated by Roeland Tegenbos, CEO of Craftzing:

“In today's turbulent times, clients need a partner who can show them the way forward in all technological and digital haze. Wim not only has a broad digital experience, but also the management skills that are needed to do so: proposing innovative solutions to clients and arguing why a certain approach is the best option from a strategic perspective. With his background in marketing communication and the creation of digital brand experiences, he also excels in flawlessly translating that vision into a creative concept.”

By Michele Stynen

Digital Marketeer