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Paving the digital way to European leadership

itsme® is the market leader in Belgium in the field of digital identification. However, the company's growth ambitions extend beyond our national borders. To achieve those ambitions, itsme® asked Craftzing to assess the impact of its internationalization strategy on various digital touchpoints. Craftzing then conducted an impact analysis for consumers, partners, and internal employees of itsme®. Since then, we’ve been supporting itsme® in translating the company's growth plans into tangible (digital) reality.

Aligning digital touchpoints with future plans

The impact analysis revealed two digital needs:

  1. aligning the marketing website with the European growth strategy and

  2. developing a self-service business portal.

Craftzing guided itsme® to successfully bring these digital touchpoints into line with the European growth plans – from digital strategy to launch.

We prepared the marketing website in terms of content, architecture, and technology for the upcoming expansion. In doing so, we assisted itsme® in making the right decisions regarding technology, security, and accessibility. This ensured an inclusive and accessible design. Meanwhile, we also added a brand-new B2B section to the website.

However, to scale at the European level, it’s also essential for itsme® to align internal business processes and tools with future growth – hence the self-service business portal. Thanks to this portal, (potential) partners can now set up a test environment, create test accounts, or initiate their first itsme® implementation on their own. This enables the onboarding and support teams at itsme® to focus on other tasks.

Craftzing manages to create an outstanding level of client intimacy, as they deliver every project by seamlessly working together with our teams, adjusting their operating model to ours, and not the other way around.

Stephanie De Bruyne

CEO itsme ®

Blended product team with agile approach

Craftzing continues to support itsme® in their digital strategy and the development of the business portal and public websites. We took full responsibility for the strategic and conceptual aspects of the project. Subsequently, we translated this into sustainable products with an inclusive and accessible design, tailoring the development to meet their specific needs.

A blended product team, consisting of experts from both itsme® and Craftzing, collaborates closely towards the same goal. The teams' strong complementarity and an agile approach make it possible to efficiently achieve the desired results. The agile methodology allows us to continuously evaluate the process, adjust priorities, and determine the course of action. This way, we can easily adapt to any changes, stakeholder feedback, and new insights that may arise. Thus, as a trusted business partner of itsme®, we are preparing the market leader in digital identification for the challenges of tomorrow.

Services offered

  • Digital strategy
  • Product design
  • Development