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Craftzing affirms data market ambitions with the arrival of Yves Braeckman

Craftzing is making a significant entry into the compliance market, focusing on everything related to data legislation. They are establishing a new team with specialist Yves Braeckman as the Head of Compliance to lead this specialized branch. This move underscores Craftzing's commitment to providing comprehensive support to organizations, ranging from strategic advice to reliable digital solutions.

With legislations like the Digital Markets Act, Digital Services Act, Data Act, Data Governance Act, European Accessibility Act and GDPR, Europe is taking substantial steps to enhance its competitiveness, security, and inclusivity. However, many organizations lag behind, not only in complying with recent legislations but also in delivering the best possible service to all stakeholders. Craftzing aims to address this gap by introducing a specialized compliance team.

"Unseen technological developments have elevated data to a top priority, and that's a positive development. A smart and ethical use of data and technology provides your organization with a lasting advantage in the market. Unfortunately, we find that some organizations struggle to prioritize this. With our new specialized team, we aim to support them in this aspect. This initiative solidifies Craftzing's position as a 360° partner for all aspects of digital advice and development." - Roeland Tegenbos, CEO of Craftzing

Specialist team

Leading the compliance team is Yves Braeckman, a digital pioneer with a track record at Kom op tegen Kanker, Bwin, and Betway, among others.

"In our data-driven world, compliance is increasingly a competitive advantage and is becoming a standard expectation of all stakeholders. Properly managing data is the foundation for earning trust. The current changes in the legislative framework only affirm and reinforce this. Furthermore, digital evolution must be inclusive. Making systems maximally accessible for people with disabilities is not an optional feature; it is an essential part of the digital landscape." - Yves Braeckman, Head of Compliance at Craftzing

The compliance service's approach is grounded in three core values: privacy, security, and inclusion. Braeckman and his team address a broad spectrum of questions, from "how mature is my organization regarding GDPR?" to "are my data properly secured against intruders?" to "is my site smoothly usable by people with disabilities?".

Keystone for a complete data package

The launch of the compliance team solidifies Craftzing's position as the go-to partner for all data-related inquiries. Organizations can now rely on Craftzing for a comprehensive range of data services, from data strategies, effective data analysis and data visualization to ensuring correct data acquisition, compliance, and secure storage. The data and compliance teams at Craftzing will work collaboratively to guide organizations seamlessly through their data challenges.

Interested for more?

Discover our full compliance offering. We'd love to help with your privacy, security and accessibility challenges, laying the groundwork for your compliance quality label.

By Michele Stynen

Digital Marketeer