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Craftzing has acquired the digital product studio Wieni, strengthening its position as a one-stop-shop for business transformations

With the acquisition of Wieni, Craftzing Group now boasts a team of 140 digital experts, expands its the digital product development arm, and enhances its presence in the media and telecoms sector. These developments position Craftzing among the largest Belgian agencies offering digital advice and development. Wieni founders, Jelle Van den Bergh and Hans Vanderstraeten, will join Craftzing as partners.

Wieni is a well-known name in the digital world, with notable projects including the transformation of UZ Leuven's complex hospital operations database into an accessible online portal, the development of RainPharma's e-commerce platform, the creation of GoPlay's video platform for PlayMedia, the content ecosystem of Dagelijkse Kost for VRT, and the development of BRUZZ's news platform. Craftzing and Wieni have a history of regular interaction and collaboration on several projects throughout their careers. Wieni's experience in the telecom and media sector convinced Craftzing to deepen their collaboration, as both partners are confident that media and telecom companies will undergo significant transformations in the coming years. By pooling their knowledge and experience under one roof, they aim to address the sector's challenges.

"The rapidly changing media landscape, increased privacy and accessibility regulations, ongoing consolidation in the media industry, and impactful technologies like artificial intelligence... These are all significant drivers of change within the telecom and media sector. With our combined strengths, we remain at the forefront of sustainable innovation, helping companies thrive in an ever-evolving digital landscape." - Jelle Van den Bergh, founder of Wieni and now a partner at Craftzing

Digital building mastery

The acquisition of Wieni is part of a broader strategy in which Craftzing is establishing a stronger presence as the Belgian benchmark for supporting private and public companies in their digital transformation and practical implementation. To achieve this, they specialize in various domains. While Craftzing began as a pure digital consultancy agency in 2011, they have expanded their scope over the past five years to encompass building and implementing digital transformation projects. Craftzing Group, the holding company above Craftzing, also offers comprehensive digital marketing services through companies like Ants Connect. They recently welcomed data expert Maarten Vanhoof to enhance their expertise in data, AI, and machine learning. Additionally, Craftzing partnered with accessibility specialist Gijs Veyfeyken to further develop their expertise in digital inclusion and accessibility. Wieni is now poised to strengthen the existing expertise in digital product development.

"Wieni has a rock-solid reputation as a digital product studio, and we are thrilled to welcome their top 20 experts on board. We share the belief that quality is the cornerstone of any successful digital solution and is a process derived from a broader long-term vision. With this acquisition, we are reinforcing our ability to support companies in their digital approach, from strategy to efficient services and products. We aim to pick up where McKinsey and PwC leave off. Our goal is to be a digital master builder for our clients, offering independent advice and guidance so they have a comprehensive understanding of the digital landscape." - Roeland Tegenbos, CEO and founder of Craftzing

A seal of quality

Over the past 12 years, Craftzing has collaborated on more than 300 projects with over 50 companies and organizations on their digital transformations. Craftzing places a primary focus on long-term collaborations, with 90% of their clients remaining with them for more than three years, and 60% for more than a decade. This long-term commitment has allowed them to contribute, often quietly, to numerous products and services encountered in daily life. These include projects such as the government of Flanders Mijn Burgerprofiel and the operation of various Telenet platforms like Tadaam and the itsme® business portal. Craftzing also crafted the strategy for the Flemish data utility athumi. With the expertise brought by Wieni, Craftzing further enhances its reputation for quality. Additionally, the acquisition of Wieni grants Craftzing a new base in Leuven, in addition to its existing offices in Antwerp and Ghent.

By Michele Stynen

Digital Marketeer