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Building the tire depot of the future

QTeam is a leading tire specialist for both passenger cars and professional vehicles in Belgium, boasting a network of over 90 service centers across the country. In their pursuit of accommodating rapid expansion, QTeam aims for a complete digital transformation and the optimization and scale of its services and processes. In this journey, Craftzing is QTeam’s business partner, taking the lead from strategy and concept to technical development.

The challenge

Digitizing and streamlining repair services

For both national and international transport companies, QTeam is the go-to local tire partner. The reliability of professional vehicles is paramount for businesses. Consequently, QTeam continuously monitors tire quality for its customers and strives to prevent tire-related breakdowns. When drivers do encounter tire problems, QTeam's roadside mechanics ensure a seamless repair or replacement, enabling truck drivers to swiftly resume their journeys.

These repairs often take place under challenging and potentially hazardous conditions. The central challenge was to streamline this crucial service, making it more straightforward and safer for the roadside mechanics. This challenge marked our first use case 
together with QTeam.

Together with the depot managers and roadside mechanics, we developed an optimized and simplified breakdown process. We translated this into a user-friendly breakdown app for tablets.

The solution

A repair app for all depots

In a service design process, we worked together with depot managers and roadside mechanics to craft an efficient and simplified repair process. This process was translated into a user-friendly repair app that provides visual guidance throughout the entire procedure. Four key principles: visual simplicity, safety first, a guided and uniform process, and customer and specialist satisfaction played the main roles for the further elaboration of the app.

Digitizing the breakdown process not only allows roadside technicians to work faster and safer but also ensures the back-office team always has accurate data for their administrative tasks and client reporting.

The result

Uniform work processes and more data accuracy

Thanks to the app, the roadside mechanics can now register their repairs swiftly and safely through the application, eliminating the need for the less user-friendly alternative of paper registration. Furthermore, the use of the app also provides benefits for QTeam’s back-office team, ensuring they always have accurate data for their administration. This, in turn, leads to better and more transparent reporting to their clients.

Our approach

Including end users throughout the entire process

Our approach involved closely engaging end users throughout the entire process. We began with a preliminary assessment, identifying QTeam's business challenges, customer requirements, and the specific needs of roadside mechanics and depot managers who would be the primary users of the app.

The roadside mechanics played a pivotal role as they were a constant source of feedback throughout the process. We accompanied them in the field to gain firsthand insights into their challenges. Concepts were refined based on feedback from user tests, featuring clickable prototypes.

The final concept was translated into a design system featuring standardized patterns to serve as a foundation for future applications. Throughout the development phase, we iteratively built the app in collaboration with QTeam's IT team.

We engaged depot managers and roadside mechanics at every stage of the process, from initial user interviews through concept validation to final product testing.

Wim Walraevens

Digital Architect

Technical implementation

We chose to develop a native app that allows easy offline data storage, taking into account that roadside mechanics often operate in areas with unreliable data coverage. Utilizing React Native and the Expo framework enabled rapid and straightforward app development, updates, and deployment. Additionally, we assisted QTeam in composing endpoints. These endpoints define the data that needs to be exchanged between the app and QTeam’s software and specify how it should be done.

Following the app's launch, QTeam will gradually assume responsibilities. To facilitate this transition, we provided training to QTeam's developers, offering them a comprehensive understanding of the app. A sample project with practical exercises was also delivered to ensure that developers gain proficiency in React Native development.

Launch and future steps

In September 2023, we initiated a soft launch at selected depots, allowing end users to provide final feedback on the app's workflow. Subsequently, QTeam will organize training sessions and roll out the app to all depots. Our collaboration will continue with post-launch app evaluations, workflow enhancements in tandem with QTeam, and the identification of opportunities for incorporating new features and work processes. The app will serve as the foundation for pioneering digital work processes at QTeam, including vehicle inspections.

Services offered

  • Business design
  • Service design
  • UX design
  • UI design
  • Front-end development
  • Project management