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Kom op tegen kanker


The challenge

A fragmented digital landscape

When refining Kom op tegen Kanker's digital long-term strategy, it became clear that a coherent and shared digital landscape was missing. The various digital platforms of the organization existed and communicated alongside each other. This stood in the way of a consistent and smooth user experience across all digital touchpoints. There was also significant potential for internal growth, as many processes and information flows were not yet automated.

Today, a seamless user experience should be a given in every organization. In other words, it was high time to prepare Kom op tegen Kanker and its digital services for the future.

The solution

Uniting all digital touchpoints

To bring the fragmented digital landscape and different touchpoints together, we created a shared ecosystem: the Gebruikerszone. This meant users could now manage their data from one central location. No matter what platform of Kom op tegen Kanker they’re using, with a single login, they get immediate access to the Gebruikerszone.

Kom op tegen Kanker’s CRM also played a significant role in this. How does the CRM fit into the digital universe of Kom op tegen Kanker? And how do we ensure that it meets the user’s expectations and the needs of the organization? We translated the answers to those questions into a clear action plan that we implemented together with Delaware, the CRM partner of Kom op tegen Kanker.


  • In different stages, various digital platforms and tools are integrated with the Gebruikerszone: team pages for sports activities, local action pages, ‘Plantjesweekend’, downloading tax certificates, and the volunteer page.

  • With just one login and one place to manage personal data, a volunteer who sells plants and also participates in the 1000 km of Kom op tegen Kanker no longer needs to update their personal information on multiple platforms.

  • Donors, volunteers, and activists can now update personal and other data themselves, like (email) address, privacy preferences, and more. Volunteers can also adjust their own shifts, and donors can quickly find and download their tax certificates.

  • Optimization of various data forms and their integration with the CRM, in collaboration with Delaware. The goal was to create consistency and improve the user experience across all digital applications of Kom op tegen Kanker.

Our impact

The Gebruikerszone not only creates added value for the donors, volunteers, and activists of Kom op tegen Kanker, but also for the employees and organization. Donors, volunteers, and activists can now rely on a consistent and simplified user experience. Internal employees are unburdened thanks to the successful integration of the various forms with the CRM, the automation and streamlining of processes, and the increased efficiency. This reduces the amount of time they spend on support, makes their work less prone to errors, and allows them to focus on the core tasks of their job. Kom op tegen Kanker has achieved an important goal in its five-year plan and now claims a strong position in the non-governmental sector in the digital realm.

Launch & next steps

The first version of the Gebruikerszone went live on October 12, 2022. Craftzing continues working on the next stages. The Gebruikerszone will also go live on several other websites of Kom op tegen Kanker, such as the 100 km of Kom op tegen Kanker and Plantjesweekend.