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Kom op tegen kanker

Redefining digital transformation

Since 2012, Craftzing has been guiding Kom op tegen Kanker in its digital transformation. The organization advocates for a better cancer plan and helps prevent, fight and mitigate the disease. As a trusted partner, we create digital strategies for Kom op tegen Kanker, work on digital solutions and ecosystems, and create seamless and accessible user experiences.

Transforming a long-term vision into tangible solutions

Craftzing helped align the digital strategy with the vision of Kom op tegen Kanker. This was translated into clear action points and priorities, resulting in various projects: the Gebruikerszone, which brings multiple digital touchpoints of Kom op tegen Kanker together in one digital platform; the transformation of the complex and content-rich website into a platform that’s simple and easy to navigate; a service design track for Kom op tegen Kanker’s CRM, and so on.

Dedicated strategic and experience partner

For many years, a dedicated team of digital strategists, a service designer, and a UX designer has been working side by side with Kom op tegen Kanker and other partners to build sustainable digital solutions. Thanks to this longstanding cooperation, we not only gained a lot of insight into the needs and challenges of the organization and the industry, but we also got a deep understanding of the activities and the people. This has helped us to collaborate even more efficiently, solution-focused, and with greater trust.

Services offered

  • Business design
  • Service design
  • UX design