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Mijn CM Voordeel

The challenge 

Guiding end-users in choosing their health insurance

For several years, CM has been dedicated to enhancing its services through digitalization. In 2018, CM partnered with Craftzing to develop the digital tool 'Mijn CM Voordeel.' This tool allows both members and non-members to calculate their personal benefit packages, making it easy to compare CM's offerings with those of other health funds during the exploration phase of their customer journey. CM aims to use this tool to boost customer retention and attract new members.

'Mijn CM-Voordeel' allows both members and non-members to calculate their personal benefit packages, making it easy to compare CM's offerings with those of other health funds.

Sam Van Ransbeeck

Product Owner

By 2022, the tool required an update. Craftzing was brought in to enhance its user-friendliness, design, and technical performance. Additionally, CM sought to integrate the tool with its CRM system for better data analysis and more seamless follow-up with leads and customers.

The solution

Calculation based on family composition

The updated 'Mijn CM Voordeel' tool calculates membership fees and benefit packages based on an individual's family composition. In collaboration with CM, we developed five personas:

  1. Adult 18-64 years without children

  2. Adult 18-64 years with children aged 0-17 years

  3. Pregnant 18-64 years with children aged 0-17 years

  4. Pregnant 18-64 years without children

  5. Senior 65+

Users go through three stages, providing the following information:

  • Family composition: Names and ages of family members

  • Membership: Existing or new member

  • Personal contact details: Email address*, phone number, residence* (country), and postal code*

The result

All your personal benefits at a glance

After entering their information, users receive a clear overview of their membership fees and personal benefit package. Based on the provided data, the tool generates a benefit package divided into primary and secondary benefits. Families can toggle benefits for each member to see which ones are useful, allowing them to fully personalize their package. The tool automatically recalculates the benefits and provides a summary on the right side of the screen.

Current members can quickly access their personal overview and easily open the CM app and their CM account. Non-members can join directly via the 'Join CM' call-to-action button. Both groups can download a PDF version of their overview or fill out a contact form for further questions. Non-members who do not immediately join will be followed up by a local CM office. This follow-up process will be streamlined in the future thanks to the integration of the tool with CM’s CRM system.

Our approach

Critical revision of the previous tool based on real user feedback

Our UX researcher began by analyzing the previous tool, examining the flow structure, the data requested, and the appropriateness and amount of data collected. Our service designer linked insights from this analysis with feedback from user interviews.

We guided users through the new prototype and asked targeted questions about its positive and negative aspects and possible improvements. The survey revealed that users often dropped out at step 1 of the previous tool due to an overly 'busy' slide and excessive data requests. Clarity in calculation and a simple visual presentation of the benefit package were top priorities, which we incorporated into the UI design and development.

Impact & Next Steps

30% increase in completed simulations

In December 2022, CM launched its new 'My CM Advantage' tool. To ensure maximum adoption, CM launched a communication campaign, and the tool now has a permanent place on the homepage of the CM website. Within a year, CM achieved 13,000 completed simulations, a 30% increase over the annual average of the previous four years.

CRM Integration

In the future, follow-up of non-members and members will be even smoother thanks to the integration of the benefit tool with CM’s CRM system.

Services offered

  • Service design
  • UX design
  • UI design
  • Development