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TP Vision

A sustainable digital ecosystem for international sales enablement

PPDS is the exclusive global provider of Philips Digital Signage, Interactive displays, video walls, dvLED, Professional TVs, and complementary solutions. Since 2019, Craftzing has partnered with TPV Technology Ltd., the company behind PPDS, to digitally elevate the PPDS brand and position its B2B solutions prominently, with Philips Professional Displays as the main brand.

Aligning digital touchpoints with international sales strategy

PPDS, as a major enterprise player, relies on a network of local, regional and global B2B partners and resellers. PPDS has requested Craftzing to create the digital landscape on This initiative involved defining strategic online business objectives, leading to the implementation of given three key requests:

  1. Establishment of the corporate website for PPDS

  2. Launch of the B2B business portal: MyPPDS, serving as a central hub for sales teams, distributors, and value added resellers

  3. Development of the dvLED configurator to support sales teams and resellers. The configurator needed to be able to evolve to a white label in the near future.

Agile testing, evaluation, and adaptation with a dedicated product team

Craftzing's dedicated product team collaborates closely with various stakeholders at PPDS to drive these projects forward. Through bi-weekly sprint meetings, we prioritize tasks, refine backlogs, and ensure responsiveness. This agile approach enables frequent releases, allowing for continuous improvement and timely updates to PPDS's platforms.

Corporate website

The launch of the updated PPDS brand necessitated a revamped online presence to increase brand recognition, promote solutions featuring Philips Professional Displays as the primary brand (supported by complementary innovations), initiate campaigns, and elevate brand presence at major industry events.

We engineered a modular platform to provide the international editorial team (EMEA and North America) at PPDS with a suite of tools for crafting pages, structures, narratives, and campaigns.

The website offers various public functionalities, such as detailed technical product information, firmware updates, and more. Beyond these public functionalities, the website integrates a single sign-on (SSO) authentication system seamlessly tied to TPV's Salesforce environment. This integration enables PPDS to surface tailored content to specific audience segments.

MyPPDS - The B2B business portal

In addition to the public platform, Craftzing was briefed to develop the MyPPDS B2B business portal for PPDS. Serving as a central hub, MyPPDS empowers PPDS's global sales teams to efficiently manage partner interactions, while standardizing operations across all sales teams.

MyPPDS offers an array of features: partners and resellers gain access to crucial information regarding project requests, promotions, events, videos, and more. Moreover, in the future the portal will facilitate direct engagement between sales managers, resellers, and end customers, enabling seamless communication and lead generation (for tailored quotes).

In a next phase, MyPPDS will also equip users with tools to monitor partner program certifications, access technical documentation through the integrated DAM system, manage stock, and participate in training modules via the integrated LMS platform (Learning Management System). By leveraging Salesforce Sales Cloud, MyPPDS ensures centralized management of access and permissions, streamlining administrative processes for enhanced efficiency.

White label dvLED-configurator

PPDS plays a crucial role in driving and facilitating sales for both its own teams and local resellers.

When purchasing dvLED displays, customers often faced challenges visualizing the product, especially in settings like hotel lobbies or conference rooms. For example, they found it difficult to envision how large a screen would actually appear on a wall from a certain distance. To enhance the sales process and provide robust support to sales teams, we proposed the implementation of a dvLED configurator.

This innovative tool enables resellers to create diverse visual configurations tailored to their end customers' needs. In a subsequent phase, we evolved the dvLED configurator into a white label solution, empowering resellers to incorporate their branding and effortlessly generate custom simulations. By adopting this solution on their websites, partners not only streamline the sales journey but also enhance PPDS's brand visibility.

Next steps

Craftzing continues to collaborate closely with the PPDS team, bringing more business support tools to the customers and focusing on further elevating the PPDS brand, expanding visibility, and supporting sales and resellers through the MyPPDS platform. Future initiatives will prioritize further internationalization and growth strategies.